Here’s our friend Olivia Chiang playing Isaac Albeniz’ ‘Mallorca’ on a great new Francois Leonard cedar-top. We’ll have more videos of Olivia playing some of the Russell Cleveland collection guitars very soon!

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3 Responses to “Olivia Chiang – Mallorca (2015 Francois Leonard)”

  1. Brian says:

    Good control of rhythm and the dynamics are reasonably done. She has a lot of talent and has gotten better even just since her last GSI video.

    My only criticism is that the melody string sounds thin. This could be the shape of her a finger nail or even the string chosen does not suit the guitar. Ive found this problem myself with strings and guitars.

    What strings are these?

  2. Oscar says:

    The guitar has nice tone, rich and deep. Ms. Chiang played the piece very well.

  3. Olivia Chiang is an amazing young guitarist . This perfomance shows her musicality is catching up with her perfect technique. I for one am going to follow her career, which I believe is going to be very fruitful. It will be a joy to watch her as she continues to grow within the world of Classical Guitar Performers.


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