Here’s our good friend George Sakellariou playing a great 1970 Miguel Rodriguez that belonged to Pepe Romero Jr. It’s a particularly interesting guitar in that it uses a ‘reverse’ fan system of bracing. Since acquiring this guitar Pepe has used this bracing in all of his guitars. George plays Bach’s Air on a G String and 3 studies by Fernando Sor – numbers 22 and 23 from Opus 60 and number 18 from another Opus (if you know which please tell us!).

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3 Responses to “George Sakellariou at GSI”

  1. Ian Grant says:

    Great clarity in the mid range. Thanks.

  2. Rene says:

    That is some very nice playing and a great sounding instrument. The Sor studies are (in order) No 18, Opus 35, and then 22 and 23 from Opus 60.


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