Here’s our friend Way Lee playing Leo Brouwer’s Un Dia de Noviembre on a beautiful 1965 Ignacio Fleta. This particular Fleta is rare in being one of the few CSA rosewood guitars that Fleta made, as the vast majority of his guitars were Indian rosewood.

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5 Responses to “Way Lee – 1965 Ignacio Fleta”

  1. Jose Ademir says:

    Very weel,I like. Beautiful.

  2. Rene says:

    Very nice performance, great to hear two different musicians play the same instrument.

  3. Reli Suyskens says:

    To my ears a bit too much out of tune to simply enjoy. But a nice guitarist anyway!

  4. Fleta, like all well built guitars, has it admirers for its dazzling character, as well as accumulated interest in the market that compels a collector status.

    I prefer certain elements of bass and treble tonal properties that excite my senses in another direction but nonetheless Fleta has captured market appeal, and it is well deserved.

  5. John Thomas says:

    Lovely piece. I recently worked on this with a commonly used score fingered by Jesus Ortega. Perhaps a difference in scores but mine shows an “A” in the bass ( not an “E” )in measures 35 and 43. My teacher taught me that the volume of the harmonic at the very end of the piece is important if you are trying to give the feeling musically of the piece ending slowly and quietly ( which I think is the case here ). How loud to play it? Look at the previous chords volume (which is decaying). Match the harmonic volume to the volume of the decaying previous chord. That way the harmonic doesn;t ” stand out” in a ” jarring ” way but rather becomes a contiguous part of a beautiful phrase that is slowly fading away.


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