Here’s Alex Tsiboulski playing Etudes # 1 and 2 by Brazilian guitarist-composer Chrystian Dozza, who has written some updates of the VIlla Lobos etudes. Alex plays #1 on a beautiful 1959 Hernandez y Aguado and #2 on a great 2015 Francois Leonard spruce-top.

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9 Responses to “Alex Tsiboulski – Dozza Etudes”

  1. ronjazz says:

    Wow, that Hernandez Y Aguado has soul!

  2. David says:

    One of my favorite guitarists! Awesome compositions. Are these published yet?

  3. Joel Henderson says:

    The 2nd Etude and the guitar really spoke to me…BEAUTIFUL !

  4. Adam says:

    Is the music available? Great pieces

  5. Allen Root says:

    The age and quality of the Hernandez matches beautifully with the haunting cord progression of Etude #1. Wonderful wood tone. Likewise, the Leonard has a crisp and lively, almost bell-like tone with beautiful sustain that compliment Etude #2. I, too, would like to know if these Etudes have been published yet. Thanks Alex for such beautiful music.

  6. Reli Suyskens says:

    Why naming these “updates of Villa-Lobos” ? Are they better as Études? A bit respectless to the composer, at least strange, to claim a kind of posession of his works, while “updating” them. I could also play them backwards (not easy) and name them new works by Sobol – Alliv.

    • Kai says:

      I was the one who chose to call these updates, mainly for lack of a better term. Perhaps ‘homage’ is more appropriate? Dozza simply called them Etudes #1 and #2, but I think the inspiration is clear and still they are something new.

  7. Peter Stewart says:

    Beautiful works! Three requests regarding publication – no response. Can we assume that they are not?

  8. Kai says:

    You can get in touch with Dozza here – He has these available for purchase.


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