As another year closes on us we once again get to look back at all the great guitars that came through GSI and especially all the great people who came through to play them for us. This year ended in a such a big way – with our acquisition of the Russell Cleveland collection – that it reminded us all just how cool it is to get to steward these amazing guitars on their way from owner (or in this case collection) to owner, and also to document them for posterity.

Every year we get some guitars that blow our minds a little, but with the Cleveland collection we’ll literally get to share what Bouchet’s first guitar sounded like, and Segovia’s Ramirez, and Bream’s Hauser (coming soon!). We’ve shot a ton of videos that we’ll publish in 2016 and we’re shooting more every week. Stay tuned to hear some really amazing performances on these historic guitars!

But before the Cleveland collection came along we had already had an amazing year. We met some really talented young players (and saw some old friends) when the Parkening Competition was in town in the Summer, including some serious up-and-comers in the youth division. We had an amazing concert with maestro Roland Dyens featuring some spectacular French guitars, and we had maestro Angel Romero come in and tell us some great stories about some of the important guitars in his life.

And of course we shot tons of videos with some absolutely fantastic players who remind us all why we love these instruments so much. We are so grateful to the players who come shoot videos with us, some of have been coming for years, and one of whom – Olivia Chiang – we’ve more or less watched grow up behind a guitar. We also had some great video lessons from Scott Morris and we introduced a new series with Jack Sanders.

We’d also really like thank the folks at AEA ( who make beautiful ribbon microphones, Apogee Digital and Radial Engineering for helping us out with some great gear for the concerts and videos.

Here, in something like order of appearance this year, are the great players who shared their talent with us:

Alex Park
Olivia Chiang
Adam Levin
Billy Arcila
Rafael Elizondo
George Sakellariou
Scott Morris
Christopher Dro
Laura Husbands
Ben Woods
Los Angeles Duo
Roland Dyens
Tomasz Fechner
Tavi Jinariu
Alfredo Caceres & Waldo Valenzuela
Alfredo Caceres
Taso Comanescu
Vladimir Gapontsev
Nolan Harvel
The Noyce Morris Duo
Silviu Ciulei
Josh Moore
Wesley Park
The Park Brothers
Sedona Farber
Jonathan Pryde
Agnew McAllister Duo
Matthew McAllister
Jack Sanders
Angel Romero
Jennifer Kim
Way Lee
Sean Mulholland
Alex Tsiboulski

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  1. Dusty Deryck says:

    Always enjoy the stuff I receive from GSI, the great guitars and the wonderful artists playing great guitar music both classical and flamenco.


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