Here’s Silviu Ciulei, whom we’ve seen in quite a few classical videos, playing one of his own flamenco pieces – an Alegrias of his called Nueva Vida, on an absolutely fantastic 1962 Manuel de la Chica flamenco blanca.

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7 Responses to “Silviu Ciulei – 1962 Manuel de la Chica”

  1. tiomatteo says:


  2. Garrett says:

    Well done, Maestro!

  3. kevin nguyen says:


  4. Nice work! nothing like a little alegrias to brighten up the day.

    A little observation for Kai is that his flamenco recordings sound really good, but the classical guitar ones are kinda strange because I can hear too much of the player’s breathing and makes for a rather noisy sound…also a little too much finger noise. I think on the classical recordings you should tweak something so that the guitar’s sound is more natural and not so electronic sounding and so that the breathing is not so present.

  5. Bright, precise, and beautiful – thank you!

  6. tom says:

    Nice playing but I couldn’t relate most of it to the true spirit of Alegrías since, for most of the time, the compás was not clearly stated. Not really an Alegrías but a piece built around an Alegrías. On this recording, the guitar sounds amazing.

  7. rojarosguitar says:

    How wonderful! I don’t care whether it’s true to any precise form, it’s just great playing, and the guitar is truly marvellous!


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