Guitarist Peter Fletcher visited GSI and recorded some of the guitars from the Cleveland collection for us. Here he is playing the Courante from Bach’s 3rd Cello Suite, BWV 1009, on a an amazing 1961 Robert Bouchet, which epitomizes the ‘elegance’ we so often refer to when discussing Bouchet.

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7 Responses to “Peter Fletcher – 1961 Robert Bouchet”

  1. Garrett says:

    You know, that’s a horrible guitar. To have to play something like that and have to endure the long sustains and all too pleasing “sweet” tone will end up making people sick at heart. Actually, I’ve never seen on in person, and would probably break out in shaking sweats and a rash if I did.

    How much for it? I’ll take if off your hands and stash it away with my other “horrible” guitars so that no one else is tempted in any way to purchase it. Not that any of us “normal” people can afford it anyway.



    PS: Nice performance, though. One of my favorite Bach pieces. Congrat’s!

  2. Richard W. Schmidt says:

    I have heard Peter play in Hendersonville, NC several times and he always puts together a great concert. I hope he comes again. While I love this piece very much, his playing of “Koyumbaba” is magnificent and I hope he posts it on GSI someday.

  3. Lynn LaBudde says:

    Peter, what a beautiful performance! I hope you record it sometime for more of us to enjoy. I’m going to listen to it again.

  4. Kris Mawyer says:

    Mr. Fletcher,I was lucky enough to see you in Virginia on your generous library tour. I heard the Usher Waltz for the first time on your Ruck! I am still amazed by the unlikely confluence of raw passion, period style authenticity to pieces (the lute sound and emphatic rhythm), speed, dynamics, and somehow a blend of joyful freshness (like you just fell in love with the song and worked it up in the last few weeks) and polished sweetness. I’ve seen great veteran guitarists let slip the sound or vibe of “I’m playing a song that I play well that I’ve played hundreds of times before and will play hundreds of times again after this…” (as opposed to “I’m playing a song that I love and will probably never play as many times as I’d like to in this life.” which is always the impression you give) I think that means you are not a great guitarist but a Master.

  5. Dale Ketcheson says:

    Beautiful playing Mr Fletcher, thank you!
    I heard that Presti and Lagoya had matching Bouchet guitars. Does anyone know where they are? (Not trying to buy them-just curious).

  6. Shang Hou says:

    Dale, The two Bouchet guitars #63 (1958) and #66 (1959) used by Presti and Lagoya are now collections of the Musee de la Musique in Paris. You still can find recordings made on these instruments in recent years. A CD “Les Compositions de Ida Presti pour Deux guitares” by Oliveier Chassain & Stein-Erik Olsen recorded using the these two Bouchet guitars was released in 2009.

    • tom says:

      During their career together, Presti always played the same Bouchet, but Lagoya owned a number. I don’t know what happened to Lagoya’s but I have never seen ‘For sale – ex Alexandre Lagoya’.


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