Here’s Peter Fletcher playing Jack Marshall’s arrangement of El Noi de la Mare on the 1969 Jose Ramirez that Segovia owned and played from 1969 to 1980.

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3 Responses to “Peter Fletcher – 1969 Ramirez (Ex. Segovia)”

  1. rojarosguitar says:

    Maybe it’s a great guitar, but the recording is drowned in reverb – very pitty.

  2. Robert Brown says:

    What is that breathy sound throughout the piece? I suspect the performance is too closely miked given all exteraneous string sound. Otherwise, nice playing and an interesting arrangement.

  3. Beautiful piece and in fact well played. For me there is not too much reverb added
    but they used a bad kind of compressor / limiter. As for me: No compressor / limiters
    for classical guitar though moderately used it should not be hearable!


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