Here’s Olivia Chiang back at GSI, this time playing two guitars from the Russell Cleveland collection – Antonio Lauro’s Venezuelan Waltz #3 on a 1992 Greg Smallman and Albeniz’ Tango in D on a 1991 Ignacio Rozas.

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6 Responses to “Olivia Chiang – Lauro and Albeniz”

  1. Scott Fitzgerrell says:

    Folks, is this the 1991 Rozas guitar you sold to me? I’m guessing it must be, as the year is ’91, and as far as I know, Russell only bought one Rozas–the one you sold to me last month. Just curious. I’d like to forward this to friends, as this young lady certainly makes the guitar sound better than I ever will! Think of all the free publicity….

    Thanks for posting these great videos,

    –Scott Fitgerrell

  2. Brian says:

    Wonderful young player, a natural technique and very well trained. Good on you Olivia.

  3. Frederick Bluford says:

    Ignacio Rojas built my 1969 Ramirez; cedar top, rosewood back and sides, that I still own and enjoy. This young lady is a worthy player, whose skill will continue to blossom under the umbrella of this superb instrument.

  4. kevin nguyen says:


  5. Robert Godesky says:

    Wish my partner and I had a solo classical guitar arrangement when we were dancing salon style Argentine Tango.


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