We’re truly pleased to present Andrew York with his new suite The Equations of Beauty in six movements, each named after a mathematical constant. We had talked to York about his playing some of the Cleveland Collection guitars, and the Bream Hauser appealed to him the most, and it turned out to be a pretty perfect fit for the piece, so rather than try to record a bunch of different guitars we decided to record the entire suite on Bream’s 1957 Hauser II.

In York’s words:

“The Equations of Beauty” is a six-movement suite, and each movement is named for a mathematical constant or variable. The names are h, e, π, i, ∞ and c. These symbols stand for the smallest, the fastest, the infinite, the beautiful and mystical transcendental, irrational and imaginary numbers; all the utmost extremes that inhabit the realm of mathematics. I chose the names to match the spirit of each movement. “Equations” is entirely played with a capo on the fifth fret, and the tuning is D A D F# B D.”

We are very grateful to the folks at Apogee Digital who lent us their studio, Berkeley Studios, and their fantastic Symphony interface/converters as well as Bob Clearmountain’s legendary Neve board, whose pres we used. The folks at AEA (www.ribbonmics.com) lent us some fantastic microphones – their 44ce and N22 – which, despite the mic overkill you see in the videos, were the only microphones we used in the final mix.

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31 Responses to “Andrew York – Equations of Beauty (1957 Hauser II ex. Bream)”

  1. Tony Nugent says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful selection of pieces played by Andrew York and this stunning Hauser ll!!

    Kind regards

    Tony Nugent

  2. Beautifully played, recorded, and presented. Bravo!

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  4. That was just beautiful Andy. I think that is one of your best Bro!

  5. Jose Ademir says:

    Não gostei muito.Não é natural a vóz do violao, muito amplificada.Desculpe me ,é minha opinião.Prefiro o violão na acustica natural ,sem amplificação eletronica.

  6. Carey says:

    Can I get the tabs?

    All kidding aside – great compositions, great sound, great recording, great guitar. Bravo!

  7. He’s a wonderful composer and a terrific guitarist but that beard markedly
    detracts from his appearance.

  8. eytan lerner says:

    So beautifull and heartfelt

    is there a cd or video for purchase ?


  9. Mackenzie Melo says:

    What a Wonder! I closed my eyes and felt voyaging from nowhere – to somewhere – to infinity, to the inner, to the outer… Transcendental.

    Thank you Mr York for such an exquisitely mathematical piece of work!

  10. MJ says:

    I love his bare feet, his beard, and his shirt! I like all of these pieces; I think the last one, “c” is my favorite. Compose away… I love your artistry.

  11. Nate Blaustein says:

    Will there be an accompanying audio release?

  12. sam halstead says:

    That was crazy beautiful. Thank you Mr. York And the guitar is remarkable.

  13. Jean Vignes says:

    Thank you for sharing your exquisite music with us, Andrew. I am very moved by your artistry, your creativity, your enthusiasm for our beloved instrument and your indefatigable chops! There is ineffable genius here, and I don’t just throw that word around. Bravo!

  14. Paul kennedy says:

    Beautiful Andrew, as always

  15. As usual that performance tiger known as Andrew York gives us another display of pristine execution, compositional ingenuity and beautiful tone on an exceptional instrumental joy. I have known you for several decades and you continue to delve into the beauty and essence of the craft of music. Earlier this week I heard the. 30th anniversary concert of my friend and colleague Ben Verdery and am just tickled that I enjoyed two different virtuoso guitarist/composers. How was that Hauser? Your first movement showed us that this instrument produced great left hand legates and I loved the clarity of the whole instrument.Those legatos were nice and fat and easily executed. Thanks for another brilliant performance . All the best in all your projects for 2016!!!!!

  16. I see I misspelled Legatos and misstated the fact that within this past week I heard Ben Verdery and you-two of my guitar Heros wish I could play that Hauser. I have been fortunate to play several over the decades and they were all so wonderfully clear and responsive. You have to know how to attack it without trying to force the note. Because of its focused sound in a concert hall, those who are used to a booming canon on their knee miss the great subtle qualities of a Hauser. You know how to play that baby. I have your cd with the Hauser you made a few years ago.BRAVO. MAESTRO

  17. Hello Andew,

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful artistry, musicianship, talent, and new composition with us. WOW! Your entire composition is incredible, displaying your true intimacy with the guitar and your sincere understanding and love of music in general. Please continue treating us with these moments of joy.

  18. Andrew,

    please release an album recorded with the Hauser, and sheet music also



  19. John Bojack says:

    Andrew York, simply the best.

    An inspired and talented artist who composes and performs his own music for guitar….ultimate!

    Nobody can perform the works of York like Andrew York because the notes eminate from his soul, and this performance and body of work again proves it.


    The guitar is beautiful….but please don’t give up your David Daily.

  20. julien FR says:

    I have a cd called “hauser sessions by Andrew York” if somebody is interested, you can reply.

  21. Dorota Dabrowska says:

    I listened with real pleasure. Thank you for sharing. Hope for a CD release and I look forward to seeing you in a concert in Poland again.

  22. Ron Down says:

    Inspired and inspiring!

    Thank you Andrew,

  23. Will Becker says:

    Thanks to Andrew York for sharing his art once again and to Guitar Salon with exposing this music to the world. He is one of my guitar heroes and will continue to be.

  24. Tim Hays says:

    Searching for the sublime and the marvelous, it is here in sound and composition. Wonderfully played and recorded. Thank you for this.

  25. AlexC says:

    Not very equal, these mathematical constants 🙂
    The first movement is absolutely brilliant, and I’m listening it on repeat for several days now. At a certain point I might even try to play it were I not inhibited by the fast runs of the main theme.
    The other five are simply not up to this level.

  26. Ana Maria says:

    Mi querido amigo, es preciosa enhorabuena!!!! Como todo lo que haces es un placer para los oidos y los sentidos, espero que sigas componiendo asi y nos hagas sentir a las personas que amamos tu musica unos privilegiados, Gracias!!!!!

  27. Amy Tuttle says:

    The suite is stunningly beautiful, and the recording of it is superb. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing this – I am looking forward to hearing any or all of it live!

  28. Jim Sinclair says:

    Amazing…..I am speechless and overwhelmed. Part 2 has touched me in a special place – remembering two people I love very much. Can’t stop playing it. Went to Andrew’s website and downloaded the score – my goal is to play Part 2 as beautifully as he wrote it…and, play it for those people I love…..

    Thank you!!

  29. Chris says:

    Not really classical but more like some fingerpicking folk music. I doubt if the high level music scholars will give this real high marks in comparison to,what the rest of the classical music world is producing outside the narrow view of guitar. But entertaining anyway.

    • Jean Vignes says:

      My goodness, Chris. I feel sad for you that you lack the capacity to comprehend the level of his genius. Me? After years of study, I am thunderstruck by his creativity and complete mastery of the guitar, both as a player and as a composer. Be well.


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