We’re truly pleased to present Andrew York with his new suite The Equations of Beauty in six movements, each named after a mathematical constant. We had talked to York about his playing some of the Cleveland Collection guitars, and the Bream Hauser appealed to him the most, and it turned out to be a pretty perfect fit for the piece, so rather than try to record a bunch of different guitars we decided to record the entire suite on Bream’s 1957 Hauser II.

In York’s words:

“The Equations of Beauty” is a six-movement suite, and each movement is named for a mathematical constant or variable. The names are h, e, π, i, ∞ and c. These symbols stand for the smallest, the fastest, the infinite, the beautiful and mystical transcendental, irrational and imaginary numbers; all the utmost extremes that inhabit the realm of mathematics. I chose the names to match the spirit of each movement. “Equations” is entirely played with a capo on the fifth fret, and the tuning is D A D F# B D.”

We are very grateful to the folks at Apogee Digital who lent us their studio, Berkeley Studios, and their fantastic Symphony interface/converters as well as Bob Clearmountain’s legendary Neve board, whose pres we used. The folks at AEA (www.ribbonmics.com) lent us some fantastic microphones – their 44ce and N22 – which, despite the mic overkill you see in the videos, were the only microphones we used in the final mix.

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  1. Ana Maria says:

    Mi querido amigo, es preciosa enhorabuena!!!! Como todo lo que haces es un placer para los oidos y los sentidos, espero que sigas componiendo asi y nos hagas sentir a las personas que amamos tu musica unos privilegiados, Gracias!!!!!

  2. Amy Tuttle says:

    The suite is stunningly beautiful, and the recording of it is superb. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing this – I am looking forward to hearing any or all of it live!

  3. Jim Sinclair says:

    Amazing…..I am speechless and overwhelmed. Part 2 has touched me in a special place – remembering two people I love very much. Can’t stop playing it. Went to Andrew’s website and downloaded the score – my goal is to play Part 2 as beautifully as he wrote it…and, play it for those people I love…..

    Thank you!!

  4. Chris says:

    Not really classical but more like some fingerpicking folk music. I doubt if the high level music scholars will give this real high marks in comparison to,what the rest of the classical music world is producing outside the narrow view of guitar. But entertaining anyway.

    • Jean Vignes says:

      My goodness, Chris. I feel sad for you that you lack the capacity to comprehend the level of his genius. Me? After years of study, I am thunderstruck by his creativity and complete mastery of the guitar, both as a player and as a composer. Be well.

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