Our good friend George Sakellariou stopped by GSI again and couldn’t put down this brand-new 2016 Jochen Rothel spruce-top, which inspired him to play some of his jazzier arrangements. Here he is playing Autumn Leaves and Shadow of Your Smile.

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7 Responses to “George Sakellariou – 2016 Jochen Rothel”

  1. Bob Vasquez says:

    Very nice. The Shadow of Your Smile brought back lots of memories; one of my favorite songs.

  2. Dave Farrell says:

    Nicely played and arranged. Are these (and possibly other of your jazz arrangements) available?

  3. Greg Smith says:

    Wonderful guitar and player…

  4. Kris Mawyer says:

    Mr. Sakellariou’s playing always warms my soul like a perfect cup of tea or hot cocoa on a snowy day. Thank you sir. I also would love to know if these and any other of his arrangements are available for purchase.

  5. Greg Johnson says:

    Mr. Sakellariou’s liquid tone is beautiful! He brings out some of the best of the instrument.

  6. Jose Ademir says:

    I like.Very good,beatifull.

  7. SUSIE CROTEAU says:

    i love


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