Jennifer Kim was back for more videos and we got some amazing performances. Here she is playing Rodrigo’s Fandango on that amazing 1957 Hauser II that belonged to Julian Bream – the one that Andrew York used to record his new suite ‘The Equations of Beauty’. We’ll have more of Jennifer Kim very soon, and look out for her new CD which will be released any day now!

Huge thanks to the folks at Apogee (ApogeeDigital.com) for the use of their fantastic Ensemble interface.

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6 Responses to “Jennifer Kim – Rodrigo Fandango (Bream Hauser)”

  1. Patrick Read says:

    Magnificent technique. Little fast for a fandango. Seems quite influenced by Bream’s interpretation. Good job though.

  2. Forrest Anderson says:

    Stunning combination of technique and guitar. Bravo!

  3. Bill says:

    Brilliant. Wow.

  4. Juan says:

    What can be said… playing like this, this young, that is a world-class carrier assured! bravo!

  5. Cheech says:

    wow, what a talented young lady. Every time you feature her she is amazing. The Guitar, really what can be said. Thanks guys.

  6. Rob Rushing says:

    Unbelievable speed in both hands coupled with precision (almost every note is perfectly articulated), and a very musical rendition. Wow.


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