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So yesterday I posted Juanjo Dominguez playing a 7-string guitar, then today I saw we had an 8-string in (1993 Peter Barton spruce-top), so I went on YouTube to hear some 8-string and found this guy playing it with his chin. And I’m not kidding about the chin. Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?

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2 Responses to “Alexander Vynograd – 8-string with fingers & chin”

  1. Funny to find Alexander Vynograd and his 8string guitar here on the GSI blog. I did some work on his guitar; must be some 12 years ago. When he called me and ask for his neck to be made wider, so that he could play better with his chin, I first thougth I was talking to some nut case. But when he came to my workshop and played, I was deeply touched. Being an accomplished and highly musical player anyway, his use of the chin really does enhance his playing. Furthermore, his body language when playing with his chin tells of a characteristic of the guitar that some seem to forget these days: intimacy. Or, in Julian Breams words “its unique ability to evoke a musical ambience which is both magical and intensely personal”.

  2. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Keep your chin up old son.Surprisingly nice playing ,I guess if it works then what’s the harm? The guitar played in the video ,judging from the ornately carved head ,is not a Peter Barton but the blog does not claim it is neither.I have admiration for players of guitars with more than six strings.


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