We sat down with Felipe Conde and his two children, Maria and Felipe, who are the fourth generation of luthiers in the Conde family, a dynasty that began in 1915 with Domingo Esteso. They talk about the decision to become luthiers like their father and about what it means to them to be luthiers in the 21st Century.

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6 Responses to “Maria Conde and Felipe Conde Jr.”

  1. Nick Carracino says:

    All I can say is Maria Conde has to be the most beautiful luthier on the planet.

  2. tom says:

    The guitar that Sr Conde (padre)is holding is, imo, his most beautiful design.
    ¡Viva los Conde!

  3. Paul Smith says:

    Excellent interview. I’d like to see more interviews of luthiers if possible.

  4. Beuatiful Maria Conde with nice Marias guitar,bravo dynasti Conde,sincerely yours Hrvoje

  5. Fred says:

    I’m glad the Conde family will continue the tradition. I would love to buy a guitar from Maria and the son too.


  6. Mark Campbell says:

    Sawdust can be intoxicating, and guitar sawdust, well, addictive. Los hijos have chosen well and players worldwide will long benefit from their passion for the guitar.


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