Guitarist Yuri Liberzon called to arrange a video shoot and we got to talking about microphones. Yuri has a pair of Oktava mk012 modded by Michael Joly at OktavaMod and he wanted to see how they stacked up to a real pair of Neumann km84’s, which we use here for the videos we shoot. So rather than stop there we decided to compare a bunch of pairs of small-diaphragm condenser (SDC) mics. In the end we used Yuri’s OktavaMod mk012’s, a pair of Neumann km84’s, a pair of Neumann km184’s and a pair of AKG 451’s with ck28 capsules (rather than the much more common ck1 capsule which most people associate with the 451). And since we could, we decided to use Segovia’s Ramirez that he owned and played from 1969-1981, and which is part of the Russell Cleveland Collection.

In the playlist below we haven’t identified the mics. All were recorded using Apogee’s Ensemble interface mic pres ( Rather than attempt to mount all 8 mics at once (and therefore deal with the slight discrepancy in mic position between the pairs) we did four takes of Yuri playing a bit of Scarlatti and a bit of Capricho Arabe – one take with each pair using the exact same placement for each recording.

The audio has no eq, no reverb and no compression (i.e. no processing of any sort except for normalizing). We attempted to match gain as closely as possible during tracking and simply normalized the files.

Take a listen and let us know which recording you like best and why (or if you don’t hear any discernible difference), and we’ll post the results at the end of the month to see which pair wins.

N. B. – We understand that this is not a very scientific test. We tried to control for as many variables as possible, but really we’re just doing this for fun to see how big the difference between the various pairs of mics really is under more or less real-world circumstances.

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  1. Iren Arutyunyan says:

    Mic D is great. Solid and consistent. Round tone.

    But there’s something I REALLY enjoyed about Mic B. Very crisp. Captures the guitar’s nuances in a more dramatic fashion.

  2. Reli Suyskens says:

    None of the all fine recordings distinguishes so much from another that my attention, interest or preference is specific enough to vote for A B C or D.

    The quality of all recordings is more than enough to make me free to listen to the music itself. This is perhaps a “relief” for anyone wishing to make recordings: if the gear is good than let it be, and focus on the playing itself, because there lays the making of difference.


  3. Vincent says:

    My favorite was C, followed by B, D, and A. Just felt the warmer tone sounded a bit more natural in this style. In a dense mix though, D or A would probably work better.

  4. tom says:

    A problem is that we have become so accustomed to a colored sound that we don’t miss the lack of fidelity and transparency. Many of the contemporary recordings tend to make all guitars of the same type (traditional, lattice, double top etc.) sound almost the same. We enjoy the ‘glamorization’ although it doesn’t represent the reality and, in any case, our attention is likely to be on the music.
    It’s easy to make the sound warmer; transparency and fidelity are more difficult and much of those elements results from making the best use of the available equipment, the most important part of which is, in this digital era, the microphone and how it is used.
    I think some of us tend to listen to the sound and some to the ambiance, the sound around the recorded sound. In a studio setting, this doesn’t exist in the real world and results from mic placement and from the mic’s specific and designed equalization, well or less well suited to the classical guitar.
    Of course, ‘well or less well suited’ is a matter of personal taste.

  5. laguitarra says:

    In my ears A is the best. Rounded in the highs, D ist a bit harsh, and more details than B or C. I don´t like C.

  6. Steve says:

    I thought they all sounded like SDC recordings of a really nice guitar.

    B sounded thin to me; I didn’t like it as it was, but a bit of EQ would probably make it very usable.

    I liked D the best. It seemed warmer and smooth.

  7. Issam says:

    A, no doubt. Round, warm and more balanced than the rest

  8. John says:

    I liked A best. Very clear, balanced, full representation of the tone of the guitar. B sounded thin, the least pleasing of the group. C a little better, and D still better, but I still liked A best.

  9. Edu says:

    A is my favorite

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