Here’s Florian Blochinger, son of luthier Edmund Blochinger, playing Capricho Arabe on a 1992 Ober/Blochinger – a guitar made by his father in the year he was born! Florian is currently studying luthiery, but has been playing the guitar all his life, and has had guidance from family friend Pepe Romero from the very beginning, in addition to his regular studies with Klaus Duschl. Most luthiers play very little if at all, so it will be very interesting to watch Florian develop as a luthier who really understands the needs of the player.

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3 Responses to “Florian Blochinger – 1992 Blochinger”

  1. sam halstead says:

    Thank You ! Now be careful around all the saws and sharp chisels that you work with. Lol, Also you better ad that guitar to your personal collection because of the sentimental meaning behind the year built. I myself came upon my favorite guitar that was made on the month and year that my beloved wife passed. Once I played it there was just something about it….

  2. Mark Dankel says:

    Only my opinion, but I believe that performance reflected a patience and musical maturity beyond his years. Pepe et. al. have taught him well and he has obviously learned well, too. I hope he is equally eager to learn what his a Father can teach him.

  3. Michael Morenga says:

    Fantastic performance. I like the even-tempered mood with which Florian demonstrates the deep emotional presence of Tarrega’s D-harmonic minor composition as well as the strength of tone control what to me proofs that you don’t have to play (too) fast to convince the listener of your proficiency. Bravissimo!


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