Actually, the new 2016 Jose Ramirez guitars have just arrived at GSI – a batch of 1a and Elite models. We just haven’t had time to photograph them and upload them to the site yet. But we were all impressed by the new tuners and the new custom BAM cases and of course the sound and feel of a Ramirez 1a. Our friend Tavi Jinariu was in the shop and as he played one he immediately commented that there was really nothing like the feel and sound of a great Ramirez, and that the playability of the new guitars was better even than the great Ramirez guitars of the 60’s and 70’s. We’ll have them up on the site and ready to go soon!

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One Response to “Coming Soon – 2016 Ramirez”

  1. Rich Cinway says:

    Are you now importing and selling new Ramirez guitars again?


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