Here’s Yuri Liberzon premiering Cavatina, a beautiful piece composed for him by Konstantin Vassiliev, on a fantastic 1981 Daniel Friederich cedar-top from the Russell Cleveland Collection.

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3 Responses to “Yuri Liberzon – 1981 Daniel Friederich”

  1. Peter Snyder says:

    ” Yuri’s playing is absolutely beautiful, and the CAVATINA is a wonderful and soulful piece. Bravo to Vasilliev for his composition.

  2. An all around work of art.

    Beautiful piece, played wonderfully on a gorgeous instrument and impeccably captured.

  3. What to say?? This is music and everything fits! Beautiful instrument / Great playing
    Soulful tone and interpretation. Also nice to hear that jazz music didn’t remain undiscovered
    by this composer who adds nice additions to it. Cross over in optima forma!


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