Here’s Marc Teicholz playing the Rondeau from Bach’s Partita No. 2, BWV 826 on an amazing 1935 Hermann Hauser I from the Russell Cleveland Collection – a guitar made just two years before Segovia’s famous 1937 Hauser and a perfect example of the Hauser sound. And of course what better to play on a guitar like this than some Bach?

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8 Responses to “Marc Teicholz – 1935 Hauser I”

  1. John Mahoney says:

    And of course who better to play it than Marc Teicholz?

  2. rojarosguitar says:

    The Hauser doesn’t hurt Mr Teichholz’ marvelous music, I’d say, though I could imagine there are many at least as good modern guitars that would do him justice. It’s a tool after all…

  3. Now, that’s the best guitar sound I’ve heard in a long time! Extraordinary.

  4. José Cruz says:

    The Hauser sound is excellent.Manuel Velázquez guitars sound is practically equal in balance and beauty of The sound.

  5. Philip Grimmitt says:

    This is good stuff.

  6. Edwardio says:

    Beautiful playing Marc.
    To be at one with the Music and this
    guitar it is such a joy to behold.

  7. great playing bass notes town away in a few places otherwise great


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