George Sakellriou‘s video of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor’ (BWV 565) is one of our most popular ever, and people have been asking for the score since day one. Now you can buy the score of Lawrence Long’s transcription as revised by George. In the video George plays a 2013 Annette Stephany, and we happen to have a brand new 2015 Annette Stephany which just arrived.

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3 Responses to “George Sakellariou – Bach Toccata”

  1. Forrest Anderson says:

    Never thought I’d hear this on guitar and never would have imagined it would actual turnout so well. It’s almost better than on the organ. But there aren’t many who can play as well as Mr. Sakellariou can. Brilliant! Thank-you.

  2. Garrett says:

    Great stuff. Did you notice “Leyenda” at 1:07? And again at 2:14? Quite inspiring… even to Albeniz, it seems.

  3. michael says:

    Excellent interpretation and technique. Thanks for posting GSI.


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