Guitarist Celil Refik Kaya was in town last week and he stopped by to shoot some videos with us. Celil is currently pursuing his DMA at UT Austin, where he is teaching assistant to Adam Holzman. Here he is playing Marco Pereira’s ‘Frevo’ on a fantastic new 2015 Enrico Bottelli, and Barrios’ Las Abejas on a new 2015 Rafael Moreno Rodriguez spruce-top.

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7 Responses to “Celil Refik Kaya plays Bottelli and Rafael Moreno”

  1. Marc Whitsett says:

    Well…the guitar sounds absolutely stunning. And the playing is well…in a word: superb.

  2. tom says:

    Wonderfully clear and articulate playing. A guitarist to watch!

  3. Honestly folks the two guitars can’t keep up with this guy. I hope Adam will realize what he has and guide this player toward a higher level of what the player has so delicately achieved.

    Being a TA is not to say he needs guidance but here’s hoping his association with Adam will trim his level toward perfection.

  4. Joel Henderson says:

    Rarely does one ‘have it all’, but I believe this young man will in a short time…if not already.

    Tone, taste, touch, technique, & temperament. What else is there? And all played on a GREAT sounding instrument!

  5. Garrett says:

    astonishing, no?

  6. kevin nguyen says:

    Very impressive, beautiful.
    Thank so much for sharing.

  7. Mark Campbell says:

    Clearly destined for greatness. After all, he does have Segovia’s thumb! Stunning performance!


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