Here’s more of Celil Refik Kaya – this time playing Daniel Wolf’s arrangement of Egberto Gismonti’s Agua e Vinho on the 1969 Jose Ramirez from the Russell Cleveland Collection that Segovia owned and played from 1969 to 1980.

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10 Responses to “Celil Refik Kaya – Agua e Vinho (1969 Ramirez)”

  1. Jose Ademir says:


  2. Garrett says:

    Exceptional. Go Celil! Beautifully done. GSI, you should just give him that guitar and call it done. Segovia would smile.

  3. Michael Barosky says:

    This gentleman has certainly found the ‘sweet spot’ on this instrument! Best recording yet of this iconic guitar. I’ve never seen fret markers on a Ramirez before. Were these fret dots added?

    • Kai says:

      Hey Michael,
      Those are just Kling On temporary fret markers, which a lot of players request for recording. Can’t remember if Celil requested them or if they were there from a previous recording, but they come right off and don’t affect the guitar in any way.

  4. andre says:

    Whose arrangement is this?

  5. Mike says:

    Is this same Ramirez Segovia used in the film “Song of the Guitar” from 1976?

  6. Mike says:

    *Is this the same

  7. pat says:

    Magnificent playing!!!

  8. Frederick Bluford says:

    I also own a Ramirez from 1969, and in fact I am the original and only owner of my fine instrument. My guitar has a cedar top, and straight grain Brazilian rosewood for both the back and the sides. My only surprise is what appears to be a cedar top. I was informed that Segovia preferred and always insisted on spruce tops. Comments, please?

  9. Ernani says:

    Great! Wonderful!
    It seems to be the arrangement of Daniel Wolff.
    On the LP “Solo”, Egberto Gismonti added the sheet music (piano) of the tunes.
    Água e Vinho (Water and Wine) have lyrics by Geraldo Carneiro, recorded on the album of the same title.


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