We have another great lesson from Jack Sanders. He prepares us to play Carcassi’s Etude #2 and suggests some great technical exercises suggested by the technical challenges in the etude itself. Jack plays a 2015 Hans van den Berg cedar-top guitar.

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3 Responses to “Jack Sanders – On Carcassi Etude #2 (2015 van den Berg)”

  1. ronjazz says:

    Good stuff. I like the “find your own way” attitude.

  2. Jazz Azkoul says:

    Very nice presentation and clear video lesson. I am a little curious about the final part concerning the tremolo. Normally the notes played by a-m-i follow the thumb in a rhythmic pattern of 4 equal notes values p-a-m-i (16ths or 32nds). In this version it seems that the p-i-m-a results in the 3 repeated notes as a rapid triplet, resulting in a gap between the last repeated note and the following bass note played by the thumb.

  3. Clay Rumble says:

    I really have enjoyed the Jack Sanders instructional videos. As a long frustrated classical guitarist, I have found Sanders’s videos most helpful. I wish that I had a right hand that works like his. Thank you, Jack, and please keep them coming.


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