Guitarist Tom Farrell came in the other night to play a few guitars, and he played us some of his own compositions, too. Here he is playing his ‘Ninnannna’ on a 2010 Bernd Martin cedar-top. It’s a great piece and sounded lovely on this guitar. You can find out more about Tom at his website.

Here’s Tom playing Walton’s ‘Bagatelle’ on a 2010 Pablo Requena satinwood guitar. The guitar is new, and it was amazing to hear how much it opened up in the 20 minutes or so he played it. At first we all thought it sounded a little off, but after maybe ten minutes we all loved it, and it kept surprising us. A good reminder that when you’re trying out a brand new guitar even just a little bit of playing will bring out its true character. This can be true of older guitars that haven’t been played for while, too.

Here’s Tom playing Tarrega’s ‘Mazurka en Sol’ on a 2010 Teodoro Perez ‘Especial’ spruce-top. The Especial is the top model that Perez makes, and as a flamenco player I’m always drawn to the spruce tops. I’m consistently impressed by the Perez guitars – I’ve yet to hear a bad one, and for the money they seem like the outrageously good, loud, well balanced guitars.

And here’s Tom playing his piece ‘Gymnomariposa’ on a 2003 Rafael Moreno Rodriguez spruce-top. This guitar has a great old-world feel to it, and I thought it was a great choice for Tom’s piece.

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6 Responses to “Tom Farrell Visits GSI”

  1. Glynis says:

    Awesome! Mazurka en Sol is my favorite of the videos. The guitars are really nice and sound amazing. I never realized that each has its own unique sound.

    • ian says:

      stunning performances and beautiful guitars.. really loved the bernd martin. sadly i couldn’t hear the requena.. there was a message saying i couldnt embed it on another site, which i wasnt trying to do.. maybe a fault at my end …

  2. Loved the performance and Tom’s Gymnomariposa.

  3. Peter Hughes says:

    I really like the Rodriguez! Plus, the video for the Requena says “embedding this video is disabled by its owner”, so you need to go into YouTube and change a setting.

  4. Kai says:

    Thanks for the heads up. It should be fixed now.


  5. Alexander says:

    Fabulous. It reminds me that these beautiful instruments are meaningless without dedicated hands.


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