Composer Erik Satie was born exactly 150 yrs ago today, on May 17, 1866. Our good friend Dr. Scott Morris has devoted considerable effort and scholarship to the French composer, resulting in his book/CD Phonology, which features Scott’s arrangements of Satie for guitar along with recordings by Scott with Andrew York, Nanette Gobel (soprano) and Richard Kravchak (oboe) and featuring some amazing French guitars that GSI supplied for the recordings, like a 1956 Robert Bouchet, a 1971 Daniel Friederich, a 2011 Dominique Field, a 2012 Jean-Noel Rohe and a 2012 Bertrand Ligier.

And check out our all-Satie playlist on YouTube!

Sonatine Bureaucratique

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One Response to “The Satie Sesquicentennial!”

  1. Mark Campbell says:

    Thanks so much for bringing us these wonderful recordings of beautiful music beautifully played!


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