We have photos of the next guitar on its way to us from German maker Jochen Rothel – a beautiful cedar and satinwood classical. The last time we had a guitar from Rothel with these materials was in 2009, and you can see that guitar here.

The videos below are of a guitar made from very different materials – spruce and CSA rosewood – but give an idea of the quality of sound that Rothel achieves (plus we always love to hear George Sakellariou’s playing).

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One Response to “Coming Soon – Jochen Rothel”

  1. Richard Sullivan says:

    Certainly, Mr. Sakellariou is a very talented player. However, it you want to hear the way these tunes should be played, go to YouTube and listen to Gene Bertoncini’s versions of both, especially The Shadow of Your Smile, which, in my opinion, is the standard against which all other players’ versions should be measured.


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