We have more from Rupert Boyd, this time playing Dowland’s Fantasie on the 1957 Hauser II from the Cleveland Collection that was owned by Julian Bream, and Fornerod’s Prelude on a 1934 Santos Hernandez that is a perfect example of this mid-century Madrid maker’s work.

Be sure to check out Rupert’s latest CD Fantasías, which features wonderful performances of works by Dowland, de Falla, Brouwer, Piazzolla and much more.

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2 Responses to “Rupert Boyd – Hauser and Santos”

  1. Mr. Boyd is a very complete player and musician! Besides keeping up tempo thorough the whole
    pieces he’s playing he understands what he is playing! The beautiful coloring of his tone in Fornerod’s
    Prelude could have been done a little more profoundly in the Dowland piece.
    Also the playing on the Santos Hernandez is a bit more fluid as I would like to hear some more bindings
    in the Dowland piece to make it even more smooth but I must confess: It is a personal matter of taste.
    As a whole: A wonderful player and I would surely visit a concert when he is doing some concerts in
    the Netherlands.

  2. AndyQ says:

    Peacful. I don’t know much about guitars technique and don’t listen to guitar instruments song either (mostly violin). But, after hearing this, I’ll definitely check him out.


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