Luthier Bernd Martin is celebrating 40 years of luthiery by building a limited run of very special instruments, and we will be receiving one of these guitars in the near future. In Bernd’s words:

“40th Anniversary” guitar is a special limited edition of only 8 instruments. It is the fusing together into one model all of the different improvements I have developed in my mind over the course of my career, which until now have never been integrated together like this. My aim was to create an instrument that showcased the best and most matured elements of my style, especially with consideration of the sound characteristics I have been refining for so long. These instruments will be built with only my best materials, selected from the most premium woods that I have been collecting and aging over the past 40 years. All other components are first-class – the best I can find, and include: golden, non-allergic titanium frets which are very durable; and custom-made Scheller tuning machines with dark mother-of-pearl and buffalo horn rollers.The neck of this guitar is hand split from large boards, not sawn, so there is zero runout with all the wood-fibers straight together. This dramatically improves the ‘feel’ to the left hand, sensitive to even the slightest vibrations. The guitar will be delivered in a fine silver BAM case. GSI will be receiving the only guitar shipping to the US, numbered 3/8.

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