Marcelo Kayath was a rising star in the classical guitar world in the 1980’s. In 1984 he won first prize in the two biggest guitar competitions in the same year: the 4th Toronto International Guitar Competition and the XXVI Paris Councours International de Guitare. In the following year he embarked on tours of Europe and the USA to unanimous critical acclaim, and he recorded many CDs for several labels, including Hyperion, MCA Classics and Pickwick. Kayath retired from the guitar in the early 1990’s and pursued a completely different career as a banker. Now he is back with his first recording in 25 years and proves that he is still a force to be reckoned with.

The new CD, Suites & Sonatas, is published by Guitar CoOp, which Kayath helped found, and features suites by Bach and Weiss and Sonatas by Sor and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Check out the video below for a sample of Kayath playing Bach.

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8 Responses to “Marcelo Kayath – New CD”

  1. Ian Grant says:

    Beautifully sustained pacing and lovely expression!

  2. Dr Jose L Cruz says:

    Excellent performance ,any chance for learning lessons?.The guitar sound. Is well balance,congratulations.

  3. Joel Henderson says:

    Most EXCELLENT! I have Mr. Kayath’s recordings on vinyl and remember his expertise…I will be buying his new CD and am glad to hear he is ‘back on the scene’!


  4. Juan says:

    Great playing! His Latin American Classics is one of my all times favorites and I am happy that he is coming back for new recordings.

    I have however to admit that I don’t like the sound of this guitar (Hauser I with a Manuel Ramirez rosette?), has nice trebles but lacks clarity on the middle tones and the basses are too metallic, not silky. Yes, I know that criticizing Hauser is a taboo, but sorry, there are better guitars out there.

    Perhaps a studio recording will change my mind, of course.

  5. Rick Falkiner says:

    It’s very rare to hear such an inspirational and beautiful performance with outstanding technique. I hope you come and visit us in Australia.

  6. Beautiful, powerful, evocative and always musical. I remember first seeing, and photographing, Marcelo at the 1986 Andres Segovia Master Classes at USC. I was blown away then by his playing and still remain very moved by this superbly talented artist. Bravo Marcelo!!

  7. R Schuchman says:

    Nice pacing and dynamics; very clean as well! I love the part in this piece in the Double around 4:43 where both the bass and treble lines are going at the same time. Mind boggling to listen to. I can’t imagine playing it!

  8. Michael Casher says:

    In my opinion, will bring much more joy to the world as a wonderful guitarist than as a banker!!! Such beautiful playing!


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