I mentioned that we had donated a guitar to the Sacramento CG Society to help them raise money to cover some expenses for last week’s West Coast guitar society roundtable discussion. The winner of the guitar, Craig Austin, sent us a photo and an email that I thought was a great story. I’ll use his words to tell it:

“Since I don’t play, I wanted it to find a good home with someone who will appreciate it and more importantly use it. The young man in the photo is my best friend’s son, Sean Williams, an up and coming guitarist from Davis. His specialty is jazz/blues electric guitar, but he spent 2 years at Berklee College of Music in Boston and just completed his Bachelor’s degree from Hayward State. He currently has 38 students in Alameda and teaches mostly on the acoustic so it definitely found a good home. Thanks again for a wonderful concert and a chance to win the guitar.”

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