It turned out to be very cool to hear a trio of great guitarists playing great guitars in a great room (yes, it’s all great). Line Forms Hear is guitarists Scott Morris, Steven Thachuk and Julian Coryell, and though Julian plays a lot of steel string he played nylon on two out of the three tunes they recorded for us. Scott played a 2006 Simon Marty, Julian played a Kenneth Brögger “1890 Torres” or a Michael Peters ‘Scott Morris’ model, and Steven, a lefty, took no time in flipping the nut, saddle and strings on a guitar by Sergio Abreu and somehow managed to stay in tune.

This is ‘Circa 55’ by Scott Morris.

This one’s ‘Pescados Rojos’ by Julian Coryell.

And this one’s ‘String Theory’ by Steven Thachuk.

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  1. Very Cool! Great Music!

  2. Very Cool ! Great Music!


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