Here’s Jacob Cordover playing Toru Takemitsu’s arrangement of the Beatles’ Here, There and Everywhere on the 1957 Hauser II that belonged to Julian Bream.

For this recording we used some new microphones lent to us by Matthew McGlynn of Roswell Pro Audio, a new company that makes some great and surprisingly affordable condenser mics. Instead of the Neumann tlm170 or AKG 451/ck28 that we usually use we used their Aurora mic, and instead of the pair of Neumann km84’s we use on most recordings we used a pair of their Mini K47’s. We’ll leave it to you to tell us what you think of the sound.

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3 Responses to “Jacob Cordover – Here, There and Everywhere (Bream Hauser)”

  1. tom says:

    I think the mic acquitted itself pretty well. The sound seemed a little more open and transparent but less forgiving in the higher frequencies. That might just be due to use. In general nothing that would draw my attention particularly in the context of a guitar recording. Presumably configured for cardioid pattern?

  2. karl aranjo says:

    That guitar is alive!It’s an amazing experience when you play a real luthiered guitar, as a jazz guy its like owning a D’Aquisto or something like it, they speak to, making you a part of the music like never before, I need this transcription!

  3. garrett says:

    I like the sound. Maybe a little thin. Hard to say how it adds up without A/B’ing it with others. Frankly, I think the Earthworks mics are the best, most natural sounding condenser mics available. SR77, SR69, or SR78 are classic, IMO. For tubes, I love the Lawson L47 or Soundelux Elux 251. I think the Lawsons are the best kept secret in mics.


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