I asked my old friend Juanito Pascual if he wanted to come back to do some more videos and mentioned that we had the 1950 Marcelo Barbero blanca that had belonged to Manolo Sanlucar at the beginning of his career, so he decided to play a Manolo Sanlucar Colombiana for the occasion – Colombianas de Bajo Guia. We also have a great 1962 Marcelo Barbero hijo blanca from the Russell Cleveland Collection, and Juanito busted out a great old Tientos from Paco de Lucia, Tientos del Mentidero, for that guitar. Some great old-school flamenco on some serious old-school guitars!

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2 Responses to “Juanito Pascual plays Barbero”

  1. I owned a 1965 hijo and it was basically a copy of Arcangel Fernandez flamenco models. It was not a guitar that I liked that much as I had a Conde that I liked better at that time.

    But in retrospect I wish I had kept it, as that guitar bought at $650 back in the 60’s would be worth a lot of money today.

    • tom says:

      Marcelo Barbero hijo may have been Arc├íngel’s apprentice before his untimely death, but, having owned various Arc├íngels, this guitar appears to me to have its own distinct quality.


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