Here’s Jonathan Roth with another one of his lovely compositions. This one is called Thank You and he plays it on a beautiful brand new Manuel Contreras II “10th Anniversary Premium Series” cedar-top – the top of the Contreras line with the absolutely best materials available and some gorgeous inlay and purfling.

You can buy the sheet music and Tabs for Thank You here.

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3 Responses to “Jonathan Roth – Thank You (Contreras 10th Anniversary)”

  1. Andre says:

    Thank you!

  2. Hello to all Contreras lovers,

    Regarding the Contreras guitars one has to draw the conclusion that no guitar at this moment
    can be built by the Contreras family as father and son already deceased. Is that making a huge
    difference for the quality and tone of these remarkable instruments? In fact no as most of the
    guitars haven’t been built by Manuel (Pablo) Contreras II or even his father who started the
    workshop. But they had some fine luthiers there and the idea behind their instruments was good.
    The playability is always very good – better than most of the other famous builders. And what still
    is remarkable, also in this instrument: It is very “even and constant” sounding in all registers.
    This might be explained by the use of cedar for the top. That is my experience up until now.
    The tone it gives, it gives easily but the influence on the way it comes out isn’t that big – I mean
    in fact it differs less from one player to another. Probably a sacrifice when using cedar for the top.
    But you always can rely on a good Contreras guitar!

  3. Vincent Wong says:

    I bought a Contreras (father) cedar/Brazilian double top in 1992 from the Guitar Centre in London and played it for a few years. I remember the instrument very well – deep/dark bass and delightful trebles. It reminded me a great deal of the traditional Spanish guitar sound made famous by the likes of Ramirez. I also remember, despite being a double top, that I couldn’t get enough volume out of the instrument in large concert halls. I subsequently sold it to a local luthier who was intrigued with the double top construction and returned to a Ramirez 1A traditional cedar/Brazilian (from GSI). I am sad to learn about the passing of the Contreras dynasty – both father and son were remarkable luthiers and had contributed a great deal to the artistry of the classical guitar. I wish I had kept the Contreras double top in my collection.


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