Aaron Green has been a good friend of mine since 1997, when I moved to Boston, so I was very happy to see that we had gotten a guitar of his in – a gorgeous 2007 cedar-top. Unlike many Spanish luthiers who are born into it, Aaron had to figure out on his own how to learn to build a guitar. There’s a great interview with Aaron over at that covers how he got into building as well as his views on the history and evolution of guitar building.

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  1. Keith Pratt says:

    In 2003 I discovered Aaron and he has become a great friend. I am always awe-struck when I visit him–to see his finished work and watch him spend a lot of time making sure what he is doing is precise and beautiful. I was at his shop today and got the opportunity to hear a classical he had just finished. It was, as we say here in New England, wicked awesome. Besides being beautiful the sound was absolutely spectacular. I would take that guitar over a Fleta or Ramirez any day of the week. Too bad someone else already had dibs on it.


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