Have you ever wondered how rosettes are made? Fernando Moreno just sent us some great photos of the entire process from design to completion of the rosette he made for the new guitar he’s finishing up for GSI. It’s a great look into one of the many painstaking tasks that luthiers undertake in order to create guitars that look as good as they sound.

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4 Responses to “Anatomy of a Rosette – Fernando Moreno”

    • Dave Jones says:

      Great pictures. I’m trying to build a rosette. How does he get the tiles to “bend” around the cirlce? In picture #12 the tiles appear to be in a straight line. In picture #13 they appear to arc. How does he accomplish that? Thanks for any suggestions.

  1. En este link es posible ver como se realiza el angulo en las tiras de madera para ir formando un circulo en la roseta.


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