We’ve just received our first guitar from German luthier Florian Blochinger, who happens to be the son of the great luthier Edmund Blochinger. Florian not only brought us one of the best guitars we’ve ever seen by such a young luthier, he played the guitar beautifully, too. This comes as less of a surprise when you learn that in addition to his regular lessons Florian has been having regular master classes with family friend Pepe Romero since he began playing. In any case, this is an impressive debut and GSI is very happy to now represent both Blochingers in the US.

Here he is playing Tarrega’s Lagrima and Torroba’s Romance de Los Pinos on his new guitar.

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6 Responses to “Introducing – Florian Blochinger”

  1. Rene says:

    That is a nice sounding instrument, excellent clarity, also on the inner treble strings. Nice performance as well.

  2. Pepe Romero Jr says:

    Congratulations Florian, you are amazing!

  3. Joel Henderson says:

    Very alive sounding instrument…I’d like to hear some Bach on it…good performance of a beautiful piece!

  4. Allan Wolff says:

    Beautiful guitar in every respect…very crisp to my ear and excellent playing too.

  5. What I hear is a bit bright in its countenance but most of the time age sets in and comforts the wildness in its first presentation of tonal performance.

    I find that this is normal for most newly constructed guitars and time will calm them down. So this is characteristically a very good start.

  6. Brian Hays says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Florian several months ago, and played one of his guitars.
    It was a fantastic instrument with impeccable craftsmanship and lovely sound, and I was very impressed with Florian himself.
    I’m very happy to see GSI representing him here in the states, and really enjoyed this video.


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