15-year-old Sedona Farber doesn’t really need to have her age before her name any more. In the past year she’s been winning competitions including the Junior division of the GFA Youth Competition and even first prize in the Sierra Nevada Guitar Competition (which was not a ‘junior’ competition), to name a couple. Sedona’s technique is fantastic and her musicality is also superb. Here she is playing Tarrega’s Fantasia on a Theme from la Traviata on a beautiful 2007 Dominique Field.

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4 Responses to “Sedona Farber – Fantasia on a Theme from La Traviata (2007 Dominique Field)”

  1. Kris Mawyer says:

    Wow. Sedona’s previous demos were fantastic but this is just a ridiculous amount of talent! Wow.

  2. jose Ademir says:

    A musica é muito linda. Violonista jovem, tem bom gosto e um futuro promissor. Parabéns.

  3. Claudio says:

    Congrats to Sedona! Many players will spend a lifetime and not play half as well.

  4. COUSTE Raymond says:

    Sedona is obviously a very gifted and promising musician (and hard-working too) . Furthermore, her mental control of the instrument is as pleasing to watch as to listen to, witch is not so frequent these days. But – maybe it’s for the purpose of the video – such a fine boned guitarist of 15 shouldn’t be playing on a “normal” size instrument. This usually leads to stretching, and straightening the 4 (and even the 3) to compensate for the “narrow” hand, which in turn might induce a lack of precision or power, though it doesn’t show in her case. Furthermore, the hand settles in a slanted position instead of being parallel to the neck. Not that important ? Well, it can add unnecessary pressure on the 1, and lead to strain… later.

    May I add that : 1) I have been teaching in a girl’s boarding school for 20 years (lucky !) and ; 2) I do not find THAT awkward to play Dowland on a 7 course lute with a string length of 59cm. It actually helps me most of the time…

    Faites une bise à la demoiselle de ma part.

    Raymond Cousté


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