Here’s the Los Angeles Duo, Bryan Fasola and Donovan Butez, playing their arrangement of Yann Tiersen’s la Valse d’Amelie, with Bryan playing a 1970 Miguel Rodriguez spruce-top and Donovan playing a 1989 Miguel Rodriguez cedar-top, and Bryan’s arrangement of Debussy’s Reverie, with Bryan playing a 2005 Fritz Ober and Donovan playing a 1990 Ober/Blochinger.

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3 Responses to “LA Duo play Rodriguez and Ober”

  1. Don Fera says:

    The 2005 Ober (left) looks like the stable mate of my 2005 Ober… the headplate has an almost identical appearance and tuners are the same un-engraved Reischl tuners. This one is number three of 2005 and mine (I purchased at GSI in 2005 or 2006), and oddly enough, it is still the CSA/Spruce version featured on Fritz’s website (admittedly not often updated… I guess he has better things to do like build guitars!). Beautiful recording of two lovely guitars!

  2. Don Fera says:

    I meant to say that Fritz Ober was number 5 in 2005…

  3. Tony says:

    That was absolutely gorgeous! Gotta love these guys.


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