This year marks the 50th anniversary of Teodoro Perez‘ career as a luthier, and he has created some extraordinarily beautiful instruments to mark the occasion. Unlike so many luthiers who began as sons of luthiers (and a few daughters in the current generation) or as frustrated guitarists, Perez started his apprenticeship in Franco’s Spain in the mid 60’s because he needed a job (times were very tough), and his father saw that the Ramirez shop was hiring. By 1970 he was qualified to build guitars for Ramirez and his guitars were stamped GPM. In 1991 he and fellow Ramirez shop veteran Mariano Tezanos teamed up and built under the Tezanos-Perez label until 2005. Currently he builds with his family – Son Sergio, daughter Beatriz and son-in-law Marco Tejeda.

After 50 years Perez pretty much has this guitar making thing down, and has told me that he truly enjoys designing and creating guitars that look as good as they sound. In the case of his 50th Anniversary model he has gone all out in the selection of materials and the design of the purfling and inlay work. Perez is building only 10 of these guitars to mark this anniversary, and GSI is very pleased to have one of them and to have been representing Teodoro Perez and his family for all these years.

Here are a few highlights of the many videos we’ve shot of Perez guitars over the years:

And one from his son, Sergio:

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