The folks from Guitar Aficionado stopped by Camilleri Hall at USC the other day for the first two days of Scott Tennant’s Segovia sessions, in which he is recording Segovia’s compositions (most of which you haven’t heard and one of which has never been recorded) on the 1969 Ramirez that Segovia owned from 1969 until 1980 and which GSI recently acquired as part of the Russell Cleveland Collection. The story of Scott’s connection to the guitar and how the new owner made the guitar available are all documented in the article along with some great background information and some gorgeous photos. Click here to read the full Guitar Aficionado article.

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4 Responses to “Guitar Aficionado – Tennant/Segovia Sessions”

  1. Greg Smith says:

    I wonder if the new owner of the Ramirez will actually play it, or just put it in a display case to stare at…

  2. Although it is a beautiful instrument, and is lovely to look at, it needs to be played. The maestro would want it that way

  3. andre g says:

    guitar coop is putting out some interesting recordings lately, i’ve been checking them on their youtube channel. Cool story and i’m sure the recording is going to be great! can’t wait to hear it.


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