I’m very pleased to introduce a new contributor the GSI Blog. A life-long student of the guitar, Vinny’s been playing since he was ten and has made a living in music his whole life as a player and teacher as well as in the film industry and most recently in radio, too. He’s produced the first in a series of videos about approaching guitar playing holistically, including the time you spend away from the guitar and how to just take care of your body. Hope you all enjoy his posts, and I look forward to hearing more from him.

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10 Responses to “‘Spotlight On Guitar’”

  1. What a great idea for a new video blog on guitar. I think this holistic series is fantastic! I look forward to the next one.


    • Vinny Stefanelli says:

      Rita, thanks for the nice comment… let me know if you have any suggestions for subjects that you’d like us to cover. VS

  2. ronjazz says:

    Excellent new feature. Which Coltrane song is that? Nice, something different. I would like to see some attention paid to focal dystonia in future blogs. I was hit with it about 10 years ago, and, while I have been able to work around it and still maintain a career as a guitarist, I lost most of my major repertoire and still struggle daily with the debilitating effects of this neurological condition, as do many others, including Liona Boyd.

    Anyway, I look forward to upcoming features. Good job.

  3. Bruce Canafax says:

    Excellent. I try to stress posture to all my students but they don’t always listen. I plan on showing this first segment to them and hope that you continue with other segments equally as beneficial. How about one on keeping practice interesting for those students who have a hard time maintaining their focus?

    • Vinny Stefanelli says:


      Great job in bringing an awareness of posture to your students… I often suggest that my students sit in front of a mirror to check their posture. Also, interestingly enough I plan to cover practice and focus techniques in future video blogs… stay tuned. VS

  4. Vinny Stefanelli says:

    The Coltrane piece is Naima. It’s by far my favorite. Sorry to hear about your focal dystonia. I hadn’t heard about it until I read an article about Liona Boyd. I’ll do some research and talk again to my chiropractor, Dr Wade Shaffer to hear what advise he may have. Thanks for chiming in. VS

  5. Mark Cain says:

    Thanks Vinny. I am new to classical guitar (6 months) and have come to this rather late in life. This series promises to be a great resource for the budding player who wants to get it right the first time. I am looking forward future installments.

    • Vinny Stefanelli says:


      Late isn’t bad. I’ve changed paths on the guitar several times and a couple of those times were drastic enough to seem like I was starting over… the first time was when I quit using a pick and changed to finger style. The next time was when I changed the tuning of my guitar to straight 4ths. I’ve also realized that I’ve been playing some pieces for 20 years and you’d think that I’d have mastered them or at least grown tired of trying to master them! Keep playing.

  6. Sam Halstead says:

    I also want to hear the next one!

  7. cuchares says:

    Good points.
    You could have protected your guitar from the gnawing w/ some plates but the ‘Willie” look is always fashionable.
    Dams must be built.


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