Ben Pila is a guitarist I’ve been hearing about for years but had never managed to meet or have in for videos. We finally caught up last time he was in Los Angeles and he recorded some great pieces for us, including a really fun arrangement we’ll be publishing soon. Here he is playing Roland Dyens’ arrangement of Angel Villoldo’s classic El Choclo on a new Teodoro Perez ’50th Anniversary’ in cedar and CSA rosewood – one of a total of only ten Perez will make.

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5 Responses to “Ben Pila – El Choclo (Perez ’50th Anniversary’)”

  1. John Koss says:

    The recording quality seems to vary on the videos I’ve watched through the years. I think in the interest of comparing one guitar to another there should be one microphone selection, one volume setting, and one mic placement. Individual playing styles may or may not be so important.

  2. ronjazz says:

    Great sound, nice dynamics. I think playing style is far more important than mics.

  3. John Koss says:

    I think the reply by ronjazz must certainly be correct. You could have a performer playing a Dominique Field with a $50 mic made in the 1960’s placed eight feet away and the same performer playing a $200 student guitar with a Neumann M149 tube mic placed one foot away and, in each instance, by sheer virtue of the performer’s playing style, you would have an accurate presentation of how each guitar sounds live, and in an unmiked setting. Thank you for the brilliant insight ronjazz.

  4. ronjazz says:

    John, we look forward to your tests of guitars over a period of several years, which will include the same player, same room, same mics, same humidity, same exact nail length and shape, and which will give us the exact results we need to know how each instrument sounds in an unmiked setting. Then we can all be absolutely certain to buy the one we like best without even playing it.

  5. Excellent plying without any theatrical gestures. Many classical guitarists confuse music with the theater. When they play, for some reason, they think that making all kind of facial gestures makes their music better. Not so. None of this is observed with Segovia, J. Williams, M. Escarpa, Irina Kulikova, and some many others.


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