It’s not often you get to compare a contemporary guitar to the 121-year-old original which inspired it, but that’s one of the fun things about hanging out at GSI. When guitarist Fabricio Mattos stopped by during his 10-hour layover at LAX we happened to have a Kenneth Brögger ‘1890 Torres’ model and the original 1890 Antonio de Torres, so how could we resist having a great player like Fabricio play the same piece on both guitars? Here they are – you be the judges:

Here’s Fabricio playing an excerpt from the Villa-Lobos guitar concerto on the original 1890 Torres.

And here he is playing the same excerpt on Kenneth Brogger’s homage guitar.

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7 Responses to “1890 Torres and Kenneth Brogger ‘1890 Torres’”

  1. Lawrence Tendler says:

    The Brogger sounds very nice but lacks sustain in the trebles.The Torres sounds old and tired IMHO.

  2. I would kill to play that orig Torres!!!

  3. Lawrence Tendler says:

    On second thoughts ,and on second listen.The Torres sounds very sweet and amazing for its age .

  4. Lawrence Tendler says:

    The Torres has a very fine and intimate tone.

  5. Brian Cullen says:

    I wonder what the lap sound is like? It may be more enjoyable to play than to listen?

  6. Paul Weaver says:

    It seems the Brogger has more volume so sure, but the Torres certainly has an amazing tone. Round, warm, deep. It would be interesting to hear how the Brogger sounds in 120 years!

  7. Fredrik Mårtensson says:

    This is a great idea!

    It´s actually possible to determine if a guitar suits you or not by using these comparisons, even though your sound may (and will) differ from the player doing the clips.

    Please keep doing this with historically based models!

    Fredrik, Sweden


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