Josh Moore has just finished a post-grad diploma at the San Francisco Conservatory, but he’s been coming in to do videos since his days at USC, where he did his Masters, and he’s always been one to bring in great pieces that we don’t hear played all the time. In fact, Josh is the one who introduced me to Jacques Hetu and Berkeley’s Theme and Variations. As he was in Los Angeles for the weekend we got decided to shoot a few more, so here he is playing Castelnuovo Tedesco’s Capricho de Goya No. 2 -Tal para Cual – on a brand new 2016 Dominik Wurth spruce-top.

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One Response to “Josh Moore plays Dominik Wurth”

  1. LarryA says:

    Very refined playing! Also this guitar seems to have better tone than most double tops.


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