Here’s more of Tina Lo, who came to visit us from Hong Kong last month. She plays John Dowland’s Fantasie No. 7 on a great 2014 Kenneth Brogger ‘Stardivarius’ model, inspired by the rare inlaid violins made by Stradivarius which Brogger saw at an exhibit in Cremona. In Brogger’s words:

“This exhibit made of course a big impression on me, so I decided to make a guitar with the same inlay pattern found around the border of the soundboard just as Stradivari did. I also used this motif in the interior and exterior of the rosette. I could not use genuine elephant ivory as Stradivarius did, (it is forbidden to use now), so I went as close as I could and have used legal Mammoth elephant tusk instead. This guitar is thus built as a tribute to Antonio Stradivari.”

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2 Responses to “Tina Lo plays Brogger ‘Stradivarius’”

  1. Ian Grant says:

    Huge power and reverb could have been damped more because of that? Otherwise, great sound.

  2. Hello to you all, Well on my computer I don’t hear a huge amount of
    reverb and I think this guitar has been recorded with very close
    miking which gives the piece a very intimate sound. The separation
    of the tones simply is there. But then again: How can we really judge
    the sound of a valuable guitar through a speaker system of USD 50??


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