We have photos of two guitars being finished for us by English maker David Rouse – one cedar and one spruce and both with CSA rosewood back and sides. The guitars are in the final stages and should be finished very soon!

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4 Responses to “Coming Soon – David Rouse”

  1. Good news. David Rouse is one of the finest English luthiers. These two look very desirable.

  2. Joan Alexandria says:

    I purchased one of David Rouse’s guitars from Guitar Salon several
    years ago. It is one of the finest guitars I have, with a full
    well balanced tone, excellent harmonics and it is comfortable to play.
    Rouse is one of today’s finest luthiers. Glad to see Guitar Salon
    will be bringing in more of his guitars!

  3. Steve Miller says:

    Does the spruce or the cedar have the highly figured back?

  4. Randall Phillips says:

    Appears the “figured back” is the spruce. .though both are quite stunning.


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