The duo AlmaNova is Almer Imamovic, whom many of you know from the videos he’s done for us, and his wife, Jessica Pierce. A lot of their repertoire is classical, but they also play a lot of great Balkan music (Almer is Bosnian). The three of us finally got our schedules arranged and got together to record some videos last week, including some material that will be on their new CD, which should be out in a month or so. Almer thought a couple of the pieces would sound good on flamencos, so we did two on flamencos and two on classical guitars.

Here’s ‘Song For Marcus’ by Almer. He’s playing a 1955 Manuel Rodriguez flamenco.

This is ‘Bitola’ by P.G. Kalica and arranged by Almer. He’s playing a Kenny Hill ‘Performance’ model classical.

This is ‘Jovano, Jovanke,’ a traditional Macedonian piece arranged by Almer – he’s playing a 1962 Manuel De La Chica flamenco.

And this is ‘Journey’ by Almer, and he’s playing a 2009 Pepe Romero Jr.

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3 Responses to “AlmaNova at GSI”

  1. Sean says:

    Love all the videos! Ha, listen to the Journey I had a huge uncontrolable grin on my face and tear in my eye. Love it! As far as guitars, I liked the Manuel De La Chica’s soft intimate tone. I also like the the Manuel Rodriguez, but I’m curious how it would have sounded with a different song.

  2. ronjazz says:

    Wonderful! Beautiful pieces, played superbly. I am a big fan of using flamenco guitars for classical and jazz work, although I prefer a negra (I play a Lester Devoe), but the projection and attack suits a duo format beautifully.

  3. Ute Cordero says:

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