Irina Kulikova was back at GSI for some more videos and left us with some beautiful performances. Here she is playing Mogiana by the great guitarist-composer Konstantin Vassiliev on a 2007 Gernot Wagner double-top that features a spruce outer soundboard and a cedar inner one, and Vals from California Suite by Joe Maria Gallardo del Rey on a stunning 1929 Hermann Hauser I.

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5 Responses to “Irina Kulikova plays Vassiliev and Gallardo del Rey”

  1. Greg Dannucci says:

    Both powerful guitars, but the Hauser is sweet and powerful. The Wagner seems to be raw power.
    Great contrast and wonderful playing.

  2. Joel S. Henderson says:

    Both fantastic and musical performances by Ms Kulikova of (in my opinion) difficult pieces. She’s wonderful! I’m already familiar with the Wagner sound from Jason Vieaux’s recordings. I hear similar tones from this Wagner, and his. I like them. But, I’m still drawn to the organic sound of the old Hauser guitars. Only one man’s opinion…I love them both.

  3. Rene says:

    The Hauser wins for sound in these two excellent performers, no contest.


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