Here’s Wesley Park back at GSI playing Bach’s Prelude from the Cello Suite #1 on a beautiful 1972 Ramirez 1a that really just exemplifies everything we love about Ramirez guitars, and the traditional Shaker hymn Simple Gifts, by John and BJ Sutherland as arranged by Ronald Ravenscroft on a great 2016 Fernando Moreno guitar that Wesley really pushes (as the piece calls for) and holds up beautifully.

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4 Responses to “Wesley Park plays Bach and Simple Gifts”

  1. Rene says:

    Nice performances, interesting arrangement of the Bach.

  2. Beautiful sound and playing on both guitars. Nice quick ( and accurate) tuning of 6th string in the middle of Simple Gifts !!

  3. Professor says:

    Excellent rendition of Bach’s Prelude. I’ve found that the Segovia/Ponce transcription sheet music is somewhat of a Holy Grail, in that it’s very hard to find. Anyone have any leads on where to find it?

  4. tidak pernah lupa untuk saling mengingatkan, terus berbagi dengan sesama dan memberi manfaat untuk yang lain.


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